Tried and True, T-Shirt and Jeans Blue


Tee & Jeans - Gap  //  Blue Shirt - Ruche  //  Boots - Le Petite Pieds
Gold Bracelt - Threadsence  //  Jacket, Turquoise Bracelet, and earrings - F21

The unseasonably warm weather had the whole family heading out to the pond for a fun, if muddy, walk.  And the laid back attitude of the whole day had me reaching for the trusty jeans and t-shirt combo.  But knowing me, I couldn't let it go by without sprucing things up just a touch with some layering and fun accessories.  I mean, what's the fun in just leaving it plain?  There's no reason that even a tried and true combo can't be different and unique.

A family walk is also a great time to just play with some combos, 'cause if you look ridiculous it doesn't matter.  You're with your family and they have to stick with you all the way home.  

11 thoughts:

  1. Gorgeous scenery. Love the shape of that jacket. :)

  2. that jacket looks adorable on you

  3. Love your outfit, esp those red rain boots!

  4. hi Joanna! Love the red boots and the grand bracelets with your marvelous layering efforts. snap!

    problem: the vote button isn't activated to a link.

  5. I really love your braided crown! So pretty!

  6. With that blazer and the cute red boots you make a t-shirt and jeans look darling! Plus, that top is adorable :)
    Visiting from WIWW.

  7. Ain't nothing wrong with a t-shirt and jeans! Or dressing it up a tad like you did here. :) I do that, too, usually by adding a cardigan and/or scarf.

  8. Hi Joanna!

    Ok - I think I actually need this coat! It is gorgeous!! I love the cut and details - and how you've done the pop of color in the boots! Such a fab outfit!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Style Sessions this week - it was lovely to have you! I look forward to seeing you again next Tuesday afternoon!

    Lauren x

  9. Oh I love how you 'spruced' up this outfit! I was looking at your first photo and thinking how gorgeous it was!! And then scrolled down and BAM!! Pop of color. I love it!!! Very cute. And looks like your family had a fun time :)

    Happy Wednesday!

    Redheaded Daybook

  10. you looking prety & cool i like this blue shirts Next Level Apparel


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