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Dress - Line & Dot  //  Top - Jacob  //  Belt - thrifted  //  Tights - HUE  //  Boots - Feet First

...but I bring down fences.  Or so I would have you believe.  The truth is a lot less glamorous and not at all flattering to me.  We had a huge storm that blew off the fence separating our backyard from the neighbors.  That's it.  Nothing fun or glamorous, and kind of depressing considering we'll have to pay to get the fence re-done in the Spring.  So for now, I'm going to pretend that the fence was just totally blown away by the awesomeness of my dress. 'Cause that's a lot more fun, and kind of superpowery too. 

8 thoughts:

  1. Great outfit :) thanks for sharing with us at the hop ..

  2. hi Joanna! This post is funny in your nice 'snarky' way that I love.

    I just voted again. Yay, you!!!

    and ...have you seen the Audrey Hepburn documentary on PBS. I recorded it from Sunday night. It is an re-run, but I have it recorded now and while I was watching it, you came to mind. fun.

  3. I love the dress layered over the chambray shirt!I might have to copy this outfit:)

  4. We had that happen with part of our fence last year, blown down in a storm. Luckily it was just a small section, and we were able to rebuild it ourselves. But it was still down for about 2 weeks, and puppy kept trying to clamber over it into the neighbors yard. :)

    Love those boots!

  5. You look cute (in every outfit pots I've seen of yours, so I'm convinced it's not necessarily the clothes, but you!) :)

  6. I'm sticking to the whole "you blew the fence down thing." It makes perfect sense to me.

  7. Pairing the button down with the sundress to create a jumper is a great idea. I laughed when you teased all of us about how the fence got knocked down.

  8. Love this outfit! Specially the boots, so cute! I totally believe that it blew down the fence for sure, it's that cute! :) Thanks for linking up!


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