Boycotting February


Sweater -Free People via The Bay  //  Tank - Gap  // Leggings - hand me down  //  Scarf - street stand

Freezing cold.  I think I've decided that I hate February.  Even with Valentine's Day and copious amounts of chocolate, I think I could do without the entire month.  It's cold. And everyone gets all cabin fevery. *yes, that's a word* 

On days like this I don't even dare to step outside to take out the recycling.  It can sit there until it walks out on it's own, or Andrew takes it out, whichever comes first.  

Time for tea.  Stay warm everyone.

5 thoughts:

  1. Always a good time for a cuppa. ;)

    Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

  2. I love that cardigan. It looks super comfy and warm and amazing.

  3. It's not even that cold here and I leave the garbage to the hubby too. I can't even imagine!

  4. I'm not a fan of cold months either :(

    Super cute outfit though, you look so cozy!

  5. Yeah, February can disappear for all I care. Arctic cold, blustery wind, and I'm just SO DONE with jackets. I'll be inside until April with my coffee and chocolate stash.


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