Swaps And Jerks


Jacket - UO  //  Top - Lucy Love from Trixie //  Leggings - H&M  //  Cowl - ModCloth  //  Boots - Ruche *DIYed myself with the belts*

I was all comfy and cozy when I headed out to a recent clothing swap.  I love clothing swaps.  They're so fun and it's great to see everyone getting excited about clothes that you thought had come to the end of their life span.  It's great because it's so inspiring and refreshing in this day of "Just buy a new one."  Also, I wanted to be really comfy and wear leggings so that I can easily throw things off and on.  I highly recommend organizing a swap with your friends.

True Story:
Andrew walked up to Baby Girl and tapped her on the bum.
She responded with, "No please."
He did it again.
"No please Daddy."
And again.
"Daddy, no Pleeease!"
He did it once more.
She points her index at him, furrows her brow and says, "Don't be a jerk!"
He looks at me with a you-taught-her-this look.
I replied,"Well, you were being a jerk."

15 thoughts:

  1. Hahaaaaa that's awesome, she's already standing up for herself!

    And your jacket is adorable!


  2. You look great, and the "Don't be a jerk" story is hilarious!

  3. Love the top with the cowl. They look like they belong together! The boots are so fun with the DIY'd pieces!!

  4. You look lovely! I adore your coat and boots!

  5. love the shoes and the coat! you are ADORABLE!

  6. Score on both the sweater and coat.

  7. That is adorable! lol

    Your outfit is awesome too!

  8. I've been toying with the idea of setting up a clothing swap. It sounds so fun. I love what you did with the boots.
    Penniless Socialite
    Jewelry Giveaway!

  9. Cute. Love how polite your little girl was the first few times. I'd love to hit a clothing swap someday too. It sounds great!

  10. So in love with that sweater dress! so cute.

    Bonnie Rose
    The Compass Rose

  11. You coat is so amazing, I love the colors on it! If you're stuck for Valentine's Day check out my recent post on some cute and unique DIY ideas.


  12. hi Joanna! I missed this post yesterday and I have a quick second now.

    Our church has done clothing swaps before. They are awesome. I got a cutie top for granddaughter and she has worn it many times when she visits me. Smiling. Yay

    Cute coat! You were brave to model without it too. Seeya on Monday.

  13. Oh I love your outfit. So comfy and cute. I also love that story about Baby Girl, CUTE!
    I wish I could do a clothing swap. I need more people for that.


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