Dress like everyone's looking.


Top & Sunnies - F21  //  Jacket - BB Dakota via ModCloth  //  Pants - Lululemon  //  Boots - Feet First  //  Necklace - Threadsence

It's the first lovely day of Spring so of course Baby Girl and I go to the playground for an extended stay.  It's a lot of fun, and even though the slides and the postman were the only ones to see me, I still needed to dress up and feel great.  'Cause that's what it's really all about.  

p.s. So I just got this necklace, and I've already lost the matching earrings.  Fail.  Oh and I'm having a 50% off sale on all ad space!  Use the code "SPRING"  Sale lasts until April 15th.  Everyone who purchases an ad with this code until April 15th is automatically entered into a random draw to win one month of "SuperCool" ad space.

Quote of Today:
"Mommy has boobies!  hahahaha!!"

11 thoughts:

  1. That really is what it's about. Feeling good! and you LOOK great as well! This outfit is so cute.

  2. I love the colors you are wearing now! and I hear you about the earrings. I loose them all the time >_<

  3. thanks for linking up with dress for the day! you are really embracing the spirit of our link up by dressing for YOU and feeling good about it. happy to e-meet you!

  4. That necklace is all kinds of awesome! I would've found an excuse to wear it too :) Love it with the red blazer.

    Found you via Dress for the Day. Find me at http://greenandgorgeous.net

  5. I love your outfit (especially the necklace!) and now loads more people got to enjoy it! Thanks for sharing with WW xo

  6. Love your outfit. The necklace and boots are great. Visiting from the blog link up. I"m hosting one tomorrow. Would love it if you joined me.



  7. Wow, really nice outfit. I love your necklace. It is so beautiful.

  8. Love the outfit and the quote of the day. My son recently told his teacher something similar. It must be a universal mommy thing :)

  9. Such a cute outfit that can be work casually or for a date with the hubby.
    Sorry you lost the earring! the necklace is a stunner on it's own!


  10. I love your necklace!



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