Thank You For Thinking This Is Ugly



Jacket & Belt -F21  //  Top - hand me down  //  Dress - BB Dakota via ModCloth  //  Scarf - Kensie  //  Boots - Aldo

When I saw this dress on ModCloth I immediately fell in love, but on this artist's budget it just wasn't happening.  So I waited and hoped for either a big cash boon or a big sale that would allow me to own this gorgeous piece.  Well, the big cash boon didn't happen, but it seems that this dress wasn't all that popular since it went on big time sale.  Plus, with an exclusive newsletter discount code, I nabbed it and squealed as it went into the 'order confirmed' box.

So thank you to everyone who thought this dress was ugly and for making it less than popular, because I think it's absolutely perfect and I am over the moon that I nabbed it at pennies on what it was originally priced at.  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  You have have officially made my day.  Kisses and hugs.

12 thoughts:

  1. looks like a mermaid tail! not something I would wear, but its STUNNING on you!!!!!!

  2. I love it! I would wear it in a heartbeat if I was tall enough!

  3. The outfit, and you, are both stunning.

  4. That's such a great way to look at it. I don't think I'd wear it just because I'm not a huge fan of ruffled, but you rocked it!

    Found you via Style Sessions
    Find me at

  5. you are too funny.. Love this look

  6. Don't you love when that happens?! I actually have the short, ruffle-less version of this dress, because I loved the print. :)

  7. I could see how it would not
    float everyone's boat, but I think
    it's awesome. Looks great on you too! :)

    Marie @

  8. I want that skirt! Aren't you glad you waited? Seeing on sale after you bought it would have been no fun. I think you've styled it perfectly with the latté jacket and white T. It's tough and feminine and the color combo is amazing. Maybe that's why it didn't sell. People didn't have your ideas.

  9. I think it's beautiful! Your styling is perfect! I love the jacket.


  10. I think that skirt is awesome! I just saw it on Chictopia. All the ruffles are just amazing.


  11. I absolutely LOVE it! You're so beautiful! <3


  12. Ha! I have that same thought when something I want goes on a massive sale..."thank you all for hating this item so I could finally claim it!" lol


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