CoffeeTalk Vlog: Juggling Your Time


I'm continuing to answer your questions, whether they might embarrass me or not.  Today there's two quick questions that I'm answering:

1. How are you so cute? Seriously!
2.  How do you juggle your time ?

Keep those questions coming.  I really appreciate them. Email me or leave a post comment.

6 thoughts:

  1. ARE too cute! ;)

    I need to take that approach...write it all down and tick it off the list if I can NOW.

  2. I love love love the coffee talks! such a cool idea! And you are so admirable!! As Karri has mentioned, that's a really healthy habit that I so need to incorporate in my life!

    I don't only love the sharing session I love the vid as well. So here's my question: Do you draft out how you would like the video to be or just go straight ahead with it?

  3. But seriously!
    Today is my first time visiting your blog, and I seriously thought that question #1
    I love my planner, like so so so much.

    Hmmm question....What makes your heart most excited?

  4. Thank you for answering my question. The planner idea is genius! I usually just scribble my idea of what ever piece of paper happens to be handy! Sometimes I even write notes on my husband's face. He won't let me do that anymore, Ever since I wrote "How to wear a miniskirt" and "Don't forget to buy oranges" and he said this Confused his coworkers at a meeting :p I think the hardest thing about using a planner Would be remembering to take it with you! Hugs ;)

  5. hey ;)

    I'm not getting your blog emailed to me anymore. And I don't see a spot to send it to my email... So will I not get an email anymore?

    Because I NEED to read your blog!

  6. This is one of very few video blogs that I've really enjoyed :) Most people (myself included) just aren't this natural in front of a camera.



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