CoffeeTalk Vlog: Men's Fashion *AKA: crutches, cords, and country bumpkins*



Special guest star Adam Ward talks about how he gets ready for a first date, and the various things that he hates in fashion. Plus, how to accessorize a set of crutches  *Otherwise known as:  the death of style*  Also, if you're in Toronto, check out Adam's show on April 6th.

Lastly,  I'm still collecting questions for an ask me anything post/vlog.  So far I have a few but feel free to leave them as comments, or email me at joanna.haughton(at)

5 thoughts:

  1. some questions for you:

    1) How are you so cute? Seriously!!

    2) Please let us know how you juggle your time

    3) What do the men in your life think of your blogging?

  2. How lucky is this guy? He got our charming host all to himself for like, four minutes!

  3. ahh this was great! I laughed and learned.. great combo in my mind :)

    Kendra @ openspaces

  4. I love that you're a country bumpkin. Love it. Ha! And just to spite Adam, I'm going to go and buy me a pair of corduroys pants, too! (I bet they're on sale!)

  5. Great video. I to am not a fan of short, but ironing my jeans is something I may have to learn.


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