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I have a fabulous lady  *and sponsor* here today.  Alicia from Imprintalish.  She makes great accessories from upcyled materials.  I have one of her necklaces and I just love it; it adds just a little bit of something to an outfit.  Plus, they're made right here in Ontario, Canada.  Love that.
*psst, there's a coupon code just for you at the end*

Describe a typical day in your house.

I'm so lucky that I get to stay at home with my kids right now, so our weekdays are pretty relaxed. Most of my days start when my husband leaves for work around 7:30, I usually lounge around in bed till I hear his morning 'knock knock' on the ceiling telling me to get up :) Once mama gets up, the rest of the house follows! Our mornings are pretty routine, cuddles on the couch followed by Cheerios & cartoons for the kiddos, while I try to get most of my 'internet life' out of the way. The rest of our day could fall into either one of these categories-lazy or productive, SO, for excitement sake let's pretend we are having a productive day. 

Dishes from the night before get put away while Grayson, my 4 year old, decides that after an hour of procrastinating, he really does need to go pee! By 9:30am, I'd have thrown in a load of laundry as we head out the door to walk to a morning drop in program at the school nearby. By 11:30 we'd be on our way back home. We are a one car family, so if we need to leave the house it's on our own two feet! The laundry from the washer gets put into the dryer and lunch is in the works. On the days when we are out of the house, peanut butter or grilled cheese sandwiches are the go to lunch of choice! The kids usually watch a bit of tv or play while I clean up the kitchen. Westyn, my 2 year old, still has a nap in the afternoon, so once I get him to sleep around 1:30, I set up Grayson with markers or playdoh, which frees me up for some creating or blogging or cleaning. Once Westyn gets up we usually head outside to play or come up with some silly game inside. 

Prepping for dinner involves me juggling some computer time with pots boiling over on the stove while the kids run around! By the time 6pm rolls around, my husband is strolling through the door and supper is served! Then it's playing, bath time, stories and  bed for the kids by 8pm. My husband is the dedicated bath giver. It's my least favorite task, and am very thankful that he loves it! After that I am usually creating, in front of the computer or packing up orders till about 10:30pm, while Mike spends sometime with his Playstation. We have a rotating schedule for date nights with friends of ours {which involves child care too}, but sometimes we forgo our 'hobbies' and just watch some good ole' TV together after everyone's tucked safely in their beds!

What's one thing that people wouldn't expect from you?

I am incredibly shy! In my own environment I can hold my own, but out in public...I smile a lot, but barely say a peep. I work in retail on the weekends and I am OK in that type of environment too, even at craft sales where I am surrounded by my product, I'm fine. But if someone stopped me in the grocery store, or if I have to go anywhere 'new', or had to speak in front of people-I'd probably shrivel up and die!

What prompted you to open your own Etsy shop?

My Etsy shop kinda grew as an extension to my blog at first. I've always had a love for making things and being creative so I started selling online a few years ago with some Digital Photocards and Handmade Greeting cards. At first it was just kind of a we'll see what happens thing. As a SAHM I was looking for some extra money and what better way then to sell from the comfort of your own home-remember I'm shy! After awhile I added in some of my Photography prints and then last fall I took another leap and revamped my shop and started creating upcycled accessories, and so Imprintalish Handmade was born.

What inspires you to make your creations? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Oh, anything and everything! I get a lot of my inspiration from photographs, interior spaces, outfits, anything that has interesting color combos. Flipping through magazines or catalogues always triggers the creative cycle too, people watching or discovering new shops, spending time outside, even discovering a new blog! I'm always thirsty for creative inspiration wherever I go and on the look out for some great used tees :)

If you could throw an imaginary dinner party, who would you invite (living or dead) and what would you serve? 

I wish I could think up some fabulous celebrity type people to invite...mmm. Truly though I would love to just invite my 3 best friends. We live hours from each other and I don't see them enough!! That's not a very exciting answer...


Ok, if I was going to go all out and embrace the imaginary about Madonna, Betsy Johnson, Nate Berkus, and Steven Tyler...and can we just order pizza?

One trivial thing you can't live without.  (AKA Things you need that are not essentials or family etc)


If you would like to get yourself a nifty handmade piece from Imprintalish, use code "modamamalove" to get 20% off!  Right now, I'm loving this necklace and this cool one.

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