Raw Kale and Toddlers


Top - Winners //  Skirt - F21 dress that I converted to a skirt  //  Belt - swapped  //  Hat & Sunnies - F21

Our friends call us the Hippie parents.  And I always wonder why exactly.  Sure we grow veggies in our garden, eat organic, gluten and dairy free as well.  And no we don't stress over her eating dirt or kissing the dog; germs are good for her immunity.  But here's what explained things for me. 

I was busy juicing veggie juice for all of us.  I turned around to see Baby Girl standing and munching on the raw kale from the bowl of veggies prepped for juicing.  She was happily eating away and smiling at me.  I smiled back and started juicing.  Then she got upset because I juiced her 'snack' *that's what she called it*  Juicing veggies, and a girl who gets upset when you take away her raw kale?  Yup, we're hippie parents all right.  If by 'hippie' you mean kick ass awesome! Come on, a toddler who eats raw kale and likes it?!  That's got to be some kind of achievement.

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  1. Love your skirt :) I'm a hippie to! How did you convert your dress to a skirt??

  2. Hi Carolynn,

    I'm replying here to you because you have a no-reply set up otherwise I would email you directly.

    It was a halter top dress, but the halter part was far too big. Mor importantly it wasn't cut right for my body. So I just lopped off the top part and hemmed the rest to create the waist. Added two buttons and viola. A fun skirt.

    Thanks for asking!!


  3. i love that floppy hat, my hippie friend.

  4. love your outfit and that hat..omg cute! Totally cool to be a hippie. I like to be barefoot all the time lol.

  5. Sounds just like us. Gluten and dairy free (mostly), juicing, organic foods, and tons of fruits and veggies! Penny would rather eat trail mix than anything else.

  6. Love it sound like us!! my little girl is the same and it makes me smile :)
    Gorgeous outfit also.


  7. I have a feeling husband and I will be the same as you. Husband grew up finishing his veggies first. His parents always had a garden. I hope to instill the same eating habits to my kids as well. I sometimes feel parents these days are so overprotective of their children.

    1. I love it! And I've been making smoothies with raw kale in them since it's hot here, and she's been loving that too!


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