The Classic Combo...


Dress -ASOS  //  Sweater - Smart Set  //  Boots - Call it Spring  //  Necklace - gift

...a dress and cardigan.  Throw in a pair of boots like I have and the result is a veritable cliche of dressing.  But you know my thoughts on a cliche?  It's there for a reason.  This sartorial cliche exists because those things fit together.  I love this trifecta of clothing, and I'm not giving it up no matter how cliche that is.  'Cause I'm no quiter *sorry, to throw in an actual cliche somewhere*

p.s. I'm downright giddy that I can wear dresses and boots without tights right now.

12 thoughts:

  1. Love the colours in this outfit!

    Zoe xx

  2. I love this combination, and especially love that dress! :)

  3. its summer! I can't wait to see what summer outfits you come up with :P

  4. This does look great. I think this look is best pulled off by people who are tall and fit like you.

  5. I love it! That dress is super cute :)

  6. I love the polka dots! And what a pretty shade of red :)

    -Emma from little motley (international giveaway going for 24 more hours!)

  7. Looks lovely and cozy too.

  8. So pretty! I'm really loving that dress.

  9. I love the cliche.

    And the dress! And the fact we got 10 inches of snow 2 weeks ago (maybe three) and it was in the 90's yesterday.

    And your hair is getting sooo long!!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots! amazing!


  11. Hi. It's Ana Catarina from Styles Biju shop, on Etsy. Just to let you know that I follow your blog and I love that outfit:)


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