Remix: Poodle Sweater


This simple poodle sweater grabbed my attention the very first time I saw it on the F21 website.  It was inexpensive and became an instant classic. 

Top Left:  Dress - Modcloth  //  Necklace & Belt - F21  //  Tights - Hue  //  Shoes - Clark

Top Right:  Shirt - Jacob  //  Pants - Gap  //  Shoes - Payless  //  Socks - Hue

Bottom Left:  Top - Jacob  //  Jeans - Guess  //  Shoes - Payless

Bottom Right:  Dress - Everly  //  Tights - Hue  //  Shoes - Clark

5 thoughts:

  1. I love the top left!! You added such fun purple and blue colors!!

  2. Oh my gosh that sweater is adorable! Sadly, I often have trouble fitting into F21 clothes... at least, that was my experience a few years ago and I haven't ventured back. (I'm 5'10" and curvy.)

  3. I love it with the purple skirt and teal belt. Such a great color combo!
    Penniless Socialite

  4. Really cute sweater! I could definitely have something like that in my closet :-)

  5. I love the bottom right outfit! Black and white is always a classic :)


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