Taking What No One Wants


Tank & Jeans - Gap  //  Vest, Belt & Sunnies - F21  //  Hat - unknown brand  //  Shoes - Rocketdog  //  Necklace - thrifted

My last day in NYC I packed up and walked around airplane ready.  Now for those of you who are imagining me tramping about Central Park here burdened with luggage, I will say this:  I went to NYC for five days with a small backpack that was half full.  I had all my necessary cosmetics, and clothes, in that to last me a week.  Yes, my secret talent is packing lighter than most think is humanly possible.  On the way back, my backpack was full only because I had such great thrifting success! 

Case in point:  I picked up this necklace for under $4. 

Side note:  thank you once more everyone for hating on this vest.  Because no one wanted it, I grabbed it from the F21 website clearance for a measly $7.  And I love it!

6 thoughts:

  1. Ha! I love it too, and what a great deal!


  2. Wow! I'd love to see some packing tips from you!

    1. I'm thinking there may be a CoffeeTalk coming from that!

  3. I want that hat. Though I've never actually worn a hat. Ever. It's one of those things I just don't feel like I can pull of. I even found a beanie a while back that I really loved, but I passed it up because it felt too weird :P Which I know is silly.


    1. I used to think exactly the same thing. I used to never wear hats because I thought I could never pull them off. But then they just kind of grew on me. And right now, I can't get through a summer, or a trip, without one. It's funny how that happens.


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