What to do with Leftover Juice Pulp


My regular obsession with juicing has led me down another path:  cooking...sort of.  Don't get me wrong, Andrew is very much the gourmet and I have no intention of fighting for that title.  It's just that as I've been juicing, every time I got rid of the pulp I was disheartened about the waste.  So what did I do?  I finally figured out what to do with the pulp.

I made two batches of gluten/dairy free muffins with veggie pulp.  And then made a curried potato stew with the rest of the pulp.  Yay!  I have good nutritious meals and yummy juice.

I'm thinking of putting it into pastas, and stir fries too. 

*Proud pat-self-on-back moment*

*linking up with Sunday Funday*

4 thoughts:

  1. Good call! ...I'm hungry now! Just from reading this post!

    1. Looking at food always makes me hungry too.

  2. ooooh those look yummy! what recipe did you use? id love to try em!!

    at this volume

    1. Honestly, no recipe. I made the juice by putting things in I like, then I made the muffins by throwing things in a bowl. That's usually how I cook.


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