Out Dancing!


Dress - Zara //  Boots - Feet First  //  Socks - ThinkGeek

All night.  A group of friends and I went out to kareoke *my first time!* then over to a fun club to dance the night away.  It was all thanks to a great guy who planned the entire night out for us, and made sure everyone had a fun night.  It felt so good to just groove and shake to the music for hours on end.

It's the one thing I really miss since having a baby, the ability to go out to the wee small hours and just dance, dance, dance.  I think I need to include a night like this once a month at least.  The lack of sleep was totally worth it.

p.s.  the nerd in me was alive and strong with my Tardis socks peeking out of my boots. 

4 thoughts:

  1. WOW! Look at that sexy mama! You look great. I would love to go to a karaoke but I have no idea where one is. You do need to make this a monthly thing.

    1. Thanks. You're sweet. Nice to know I still got it ;) I can't wait to go again. It was honestly a whole bunch of fun, and I think I'll do it for my birthday too.

  2. these are awesome pictures, kinda "paparazzi" style. I can feel the fun and night in the air from just looking...

    1. So glad the vibe came across. Yup, it was me being my own paparazzi. Fun, and a lot less dangerous :)


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