CoffeeTalk: Tips For Packing Light


Today I'm sharing some simple tips for packing and traveling light.

1. Check the weather - and plan ahead acordingly
2. Plan out all your outfits on your bed, by each day.
3. Have one travel outfit that is easily copied with one simple change.
4. Mix & Match - try to maximize layering pieces to re-wear and re-mix.

4 thoughts:

  1. This was great. I'm actually leaving for Orlando today and took a break from packing when I found this. Thanks for the tips. I've always had trouble packing light!!

    1. Perfect timing then! So glad that I can give you some very timely tips. And have a great trip! I would love to get away to Orlando (anywhere warm really) for a little bit.

  2. We have the same "secret party trick!" Haha. I also pride myself on packing light. It amazes me how much some people lug around for short trips. My mom came to my house for 3 weeks with a pair of underpants for every day. Really... I just don't get it.

    1. Haha! One word: laundry. I think you and me get it ;)


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