Pretty Sure She's A Vampire






Kimono - Arnhem  //  Shirt - Zara  //  Cords - Le Chateau  //  Boots - Call It Spring  //  Socks - I forget  //  Necklace - Threadsence

The sun in Winter is rarely seen.  But when it is, it's a joy and myself and Drake the Dog relish it's presence in the kitchen.  But not everyone does so.

One sunny morning as the rays hit our kitchen floor, Baby Girl got upset.  Her blocks were in the sun and she wanted them.  She tried to convince me to get them.  When I said no, she begged.  And when I told her she could go get them herself she walked off in a huff.

Moments later she came back, with sunglasses planted on her face.  Walked with determination to get her blocks, and then walked right up to me with a 'See-What-You-Made-Me-Do' look in her eyes and said, "Sun hurts my eyes."

Yup, she's a vampire.  

I'm sleeping with garlic.

She's also a drama queen.

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  1. Original combination of clothes, we like to see the differences in fashion around the world!

    1. Thanks. I'm not exactly sure how to reply to this, so thanks.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. Me too. It's a bit more girly than I usually go, and I thought for that reason I might not wear it a lot, but I really like the ruffles especially paired with something a bit more simple or 'masculine'

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