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Some parents worry about their children heading off to school, or daycare, because of the tears their children shed.  I don't have to worry about that particular thing.

Today, I dropped off the little one at a Kindergarten prep course.  Her very first class, very first time in the building, and very first time meeting these people.  She was off and running away from me before I even got her coat off.  Didn't look back, not once.

When I came to pick her up the teacher said, "Look who's here to get you!"  She turned, took one look at me and frowned, "You forgot my snack, 'cause I had snack time!"

Yup, no issues with independence or being left alone.  Really, we're the transportation and snack providing machinery in her life.

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2 thoughts:

  1. wow! Very independent kid! I don't meet many like that!

    1. Yeah, she's pretty crazy that way. I'm reading it as, "She's incredibly secure in her parents love, and that they'll come get her."


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