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Laguna Shoes - c/o Lamo  // Top - Free People  //  Jeans - Gap  //  Fedora - unknown  //  Short V-Necklace - Vanessa Mooney  //  Long Chain - Homegrown Boutique  //  Sunnies - F21

They are days for lounging.  They are days for artfully created braids that hang accidentally over a shoulder.  They are days where sunglasses, hats, and sun rays are the best of bedfellows.  Days where strolling through the heat is an infinite activity.  Days where you slip your feet into beautifully crafted and luxuriously cushioned feet.

I could not think of a more perfect day to cradle my feet in my new Lamo shoes.  These Laguna ones I picked made me feel like around every corner a sandy beach or a crested wave would greet me.  Normally, you put on a pair of new shoes and that first day it's like your feet and shoes are out on a first date - just getting to know one another.  But not these, these felt like old lovers, seeing each other for the first time but knowing exactly how they fit.

Yup, needless to say, these are fun and comfortable shoes.

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