Random Sundays: A Day At The Museum


 I've become very aware of the fact that my girl is going to school in just a few short weeks. The days when we're home together and can do anything on our whim are coming to a close.  So I've been trying to do some really fun things with just the two of us.  Dates, as you will.  And just recently we went to the Royal Ontario Museum to check out their wildlife and dinosaur exhibits.

 As soon as we entered she plowed through everything really, really quickly.  And once we reached the end she turned to me and said, "Let's start again!"

So we did and this time we went through slowly, doing all the activities.


 After a few hours, and tons of activities - including a tea party - she was pooped.

But at bedtime she asked, "When can we go see the dinosaurs again Mama?"

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  1. Um excuse me. I'm pretty sure you are wrong. Because she was just born a few months ago. How is she ready for school?!? Ohhhh maybe Canada starts school at like 18 months. Because I'm pretty sure she just started to walk.


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