How To Dress For a Morning Wedding






Flower Dress - Ruche  //  Shoes - I forget  //  Earrings & Belt - F21

I like the idea of a morning wedding.  You can wear a pretty floral summer dress and not get too crazy with the formal wear.  I always find it a little stressful when I'm expected to get super glammed up, because glam isn't really my thing and so I feel like I'm lying the whole time.  I much rather prefer that line of pretty but not formal - it allows for a little mess and unkemptness, which is a bit of a staple of mine in life.

 Also, wedges.  Wedges are fabulous especially when the wedding is held in the historic Distillery district which features many a cobblestone streets.

So yes, morning wedding everyone - do it.  It leaves you the whole day to celebrate, eat, and dance.

2 thoughts:

  1. Love your outfit, especially those wedges. I became fan of wedges when I was going to a country church on Sunday. No sticking in mud. I don't like the formal setting either. I like the mess and unkeptness. =]

    1. Thanks :) I know! WEdges are awesome for things like that - uneven streets or grass when you have to wear heels but don't want to trip or dig into the ground. So great. Yay for mess and unkemptness!!!


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