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Sweater & Shirt - swapped  //  Jeans - Gap //  Boots - Call It Spring  //  Necklace - Ten Thousand Villages

Early morning rushes.  That's my new reality.  Since my girl has started school the morning rush to get lunch ready, get breakfast ready, get her ready, get myself 'ready', and get out the door has created a new sort of wave to the day.

There's this big push int he morning, and then the slow meander back home.  This morning for instance I just needed to get out my PJs and so I grabbed the things that were out and threw them on.  It was the stuff that I had just nabbed from a clothing swap I hosted.  And I'm pleased to say that thinking creatively about fashion has made it so that I don't look like a total mess when I have three minutes to get dressed.

*these pics were grabbed on my walk home from the school that morning* 

2 thoughts:

  1. Honey, I think you could like a #hotmess and still pull it off fabulously! To bad I didn't live closer so I attend your swap. Sad. Oh well. Great outfit by the way.

    1. Yeah. We had a ball with all the ladies. Bubbly, games and clothes!


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