Geeky Kung Fu Girl





Top & Cardi - Zara  //  Jeans - Gap  //  Hat - ThreadSence  //  Boots - Locale  //  Bag - Target  //  Necklace - Free People

The geeky kung fu girl inside of me got loads and loads of giggles this day.  Why?  Because I coordinated my outfit to be the fighting style,  tiger-crane.  I wanted to wear my tiger shirt, and then I was thinking of layers to add on top, and when I remembered my fun crane embroidered sweater I was like yeah, Bruce Lee would love this!  'Cause in my head he really cares about what I wear.

So yeah, I had a great time with the little inside joke between me and Bruce Lee.

4 thoughts:

  1. What? No comments on your awesome outfit? Well, I'll comment. KICK BUTT GIRL! I love the outfit. Totally something I would wear, haha.

    1. I guess not everyone loves the nerdy Kung Fu references. Their loss I say. Thanks! THis is such an easy thing to throw on.


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