I Tried Not To Laugh




Kimono - UO  //  Shirt - Bershka  //  Hat & Necklaces - I forget (old)  //  Jeans - Gap  //  Boots - Aldo

My girl wanted to stand beside me.  She was very whiny *she's still fighting this horrible cold, by the way* and just wanted to be next to me, but also did not want Daddy to take photos of her.  Oh the dilemma!  

Though I felt bad for her feeling poopy, and I want to take her seriously, I couldn't help but laugh; her pouty face is just hilarious.  Trying to keep a straight face when she's got her brows furrowed, her bottom lip sticking out, and her thumb in her mouth is really hard.   I mean scaling-mount-Everest hard.

Side note, my shirt says "Weekend Uniform" and that's pretty much what it is to me.  Hat, kimono, loose tee, jeans, and boots.  Yup, that's about my casual day in a nutshell. Though, to be fair, most days are casual days so...

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  1. You look lovely!
    My son also does the same things when hubby is taking my photos :)


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