Fashion Week and the Persistence of Black Clothing Everywhere: A Call To Arms






Kimono - Arnhem  //  Top - UO  //  Jeans - Dittos via UO  //  Boots - Locale  //  Necklace - bought in Spain  //  Rings - F21 & misc

This week has been  all about Toronto Fashion week - or World Mastercard Fashion Week.  What I've found most interesting in attending the shows is that while the clothing on the runway is fascinating and creative, this isn't the case in the fashion industry attendees. *before anyone gets up in arms, I'm not talking about every single person - I'm talking about numbers here. The vast majority* 

The shows are vibrant and unique, and though they aren't all things I personally would wear or I personally love, they are all interesting to look at.  I'm sorry to criticize or rub people the wrong way, but the persistence of a sea of black at fashion week is to me unacceptable.  I'm not saying that wearing black is uninspired.  It's that the black outfit is interesting if it's the only one.  But when the same outfit - you know, the black tight pants, black heels and a variety of 'urban chic' blazer/top - is multiplied by five hundred it becomes banal.

The attendees of fashion week are those in the industry. The leaders, the representatives, the lovers. This is where we should all be showing our own personal style.  Where colors, textures and patterns should come alive.

I'm not talking about peacocking *that fad of wearing ridiculous clothes to be photographed by the press at these events*  I'm talking about every attendee celebrating the freedom of expression and joy of design that I feel fashion affords.  But no,  I walk in and see twenty black pleather leggings, ten thousand black pumps, and a vast ocean of black with a very occasional dot of color.

Is it wrong for me to make a call to arms for us, the industry representatives, to celebrate what's beautiful about fashion - self expression and personal style?  If so I don't want to be right.

I'll be that non pleather-legging-flat-booted-bright-colored-messy-haired pariah, and it's okay that I stand alone.  I'm an introvert anyway.

2 thoughts:

  1. I think some wear black because of the fact they want the models on the runway to stand out. But I don't understand the need of everyone to do so.

    1. Neither do I. Especially since it's always dark with the only spotlight on the runway. Plus, the mingling before and after - I like to see creativity. It's a personal thing.


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