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An area of town just west of Midtown Miami, the Wynwood Walls area is an odd place. It's very industrial, littered with wholesale clothing factories, run down residential homes, upscale furniture boutiques, and houses a little oasis of a cafe called Panther Coffee.

But amid all this the buildings themselves create a stunning living art gallery.  Every wall is a canvas, every door houses potential, and nothing is off limit.

It's a beautiful place to wander about.

4 thoughts:

  1. I love Wynwood, this weekend we got to visit and snapped some pics. Panther Cafe is one of our fave coffee places. Since we moved, this is a place we we kiss a lot.:-)

    1. It's a great little spot isn't it? I really enjoyed my time here, and Panther has such yummy coffee (yay for Almond Milk!) and cookies. I was tempted to purchase one of their burlap bags to remember the time spent there, but shucks I didn't. Now I kind of regret it.

  2. we just returned from a trip to South Beach and while we were there, we biked to Wynwood and checked out all the amazing walls.


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