You Can't Take the Nerd Out: Star Wars Vans






Top - FreePeople  //  Jeans - Dittos via UO  //  Beanie  - F21  //  Bag - Lucky Brand *hand me down*  //  Star Wars Shoes - Vans

Regardless of what may come. Regardless of shifts in my style. I have been and always shall be a nerd. *Anyone catch the Wrath of Khan reference?*

So when a good friend shared a picture of the Star Wars Vans his wife got him.  I immediately commented with, "WHERE?!?!!?"

They were on sale, and the next day I had called to have them set aside in my size, because there was no way I wasn't getting a pair.  Now, I have A New Hope on my feet, and it makes my geeky little heart sing every time I look down at my feet.

Which I do a lot now, and I really wish they'd stop putting poles and people right in front of me suddenly.

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  1. Little details that pull it all together is key!


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