Sartorial Loves and Being Shoeless



Light rompers are so great. I really can't get enough of them. But it seems there are a lot of things I can't get enough of: fringe, kimonos, lace, dresses.....okay pretty much everything. I think it'd be easier to list my sartorial dislikes *like Uggs and Crocs* rather than my likes.  But back to my point, rompers are great.  Really great.

I especially loved the purple and blue mix on this one.

Also, can I just please apologize for the lack of shoes in this post? I spent little time actually wearing shoes, but more than that my tripod wouldn't fit in my suitcase. Therefore, I was limited to shooting by placing my camera on things that happened to be around - which was needless to say a little awkward. Ah the troubles of being in paradise, am I right?



Playsuit - Arnhem

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  1. Pretty jumpsuit ! :)


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