Free Spirited and Willful Child



I love that my girl is strong willed and free spirited. But does she have to be soooo strong willed and free spirited?  About bed time? And about food?  And about, oh well, everything??? It's like corralling sheep where the sheep are baring their teeth, not listening, have spikes on their hides, and laser beams shooting at you from their heads.  It's just like that.

She's freakin' cute and sweet as hell, but when that other side comes out, watch out! Plus, you know there's only so many questions a woman can answer in a day before that questioning inflection at the end of a sentence makes your brains explode.

Obviously, I love that she's very inquisitive, but dear Lord do I breathe a sigh of relief once she goes to bed and I have no more questions being pelted at me in rapid fire succession.

Pass the wine.




Vest - H&M  //  Cardi - Old Navy  //  Dress - Ruche  //  Boots - Aldo  //  Socks - F21  //  Necklace - FreePeople

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