Messy Hair, Don't Care



There's this image that bloggers, mostly fashion and lifestyle, present.

Of course, it's the perfectly lit and edited photos showcasing the oh-so-effortlessly-chic outfit that looks absolutely perfect.  Yet the reality is this.  This photo above taken at the end of the day.  Hair is messy and sweaty from the thirty five minutes I literally just spent biking in high heat and humidity.  The braid has become mussed from the day as well. And this outfit was more utilitarian than chic.



What you don't see is the coffee spill from rushing.  Or the ketchup that slipped out and onto pants. Or the wrinkles that happen when you've sat and just lived in clothes.  You don't see that. Because outfit photos are usually taken before all that, or it's photoshopped out. And you definitely don't see such stellar, model worthy shots like the graceful one below:

Shirt - UO  // Shorts - Target  //  Sandals - ThreadSence *old*  //  Necklace - Vanessa Mooney  //  Rings - assortment of fair trade artisan, and hand me downs from my Grandma. 

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  1. Gosh, you are right about the sitting wrinkles, even for men. I try to iron my slacks really well in the morning but by lunch I look like I slept in them.


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