Chase You?


Remember the chase?  That whole chase between men and women. The whole dance of he moves, and you either move with him or shut it down.  I like that chase.

I know it's not cool to say, but I like being chased. I like being wooed. I like when a man pursues and a woman agrees.  Here's the key of course, it's a dance, that means two. That means in the chase, the woman consents and agrees to the chase. It's mutual. Consent. So with that firmly stated....I like the chase.

I like it when a man reaches for you. I like it when he moves to close the distance. Perhaps because I'm so strong and in charge in my life, I like it when a man can reach the same pace as me. When he can be strong and in charge, and I can let go.

'Course sometimes it's fun to be in charge too. Don't get me wrong.
Just saying, I appreciate the chase.



Dress - Lace Affair  //  Earrings & Shoes - I forget  //  Bag - Target

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