You Say That Like It's a Bad Thing




Many people, most really, when they first meet me are surprised to learn about the raging nerd I am.

Sci-fi anything and I love it *B5, BSG, Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. etc.*
Post-apocalyptic, and you've got me transfixed.
RPG table top games, and I'm running two Firefly seasons.
Board games, and I'm parked at a table.
There is little end to my geekdom.

Then someone looks at me and says, "Wow Jo, you're such a nerd."
And I think, "You say that like it's a bad thing."

I believe in heroes. I believe in strength and the will to succeed against dire odds. I believe we can all be more than we are. I believe that humanity has a hope and will get better. I believe that even in the worst situations our better parts will survive. I believe that there is magic in the universe. I believe that we will travel the stars. I believe. I hope. That's sci-fi and that's fantasy.

So ya, I'm a nerd.




Star Wars tank - F21  //  Skirt - ThreadSence  //  Sandals - Aldo  //  Sunnies - Lace Affair  // Leather Bracelet - thrifted  //  Bead & Gold bracelet - Ruche

2 thoughts:

  1. Most beautiful 'nerd' around. !

    1. Thank you. Nerd come in all different shapes and sizes :)


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