Don't Text, Call.


 I used to hate the phone.  I hated it because you couldn't see the person when you talked to them.
I love those moments when you sit - coffee shop, park, whatever - and a silence falls.

People fear silence, but I love it.  There's a silence that happens when there is comfort.  There's a silence that happens when you sit with someone - friend or lover - and neither of you feels the need to speak but can instead sit there in each others presence.

That is the best. But now texting has come. And I text a lot. A lot. And I miss the phone.  I find myself missing the call and talking to someone. Hearing their voice and hearing the silence. Texting is even further away from that elusive presence sitting.

So call me. Don't text. Don't ever text.



Dress - Arnhem // Belt - Hadley Pollet *thrifted*

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  1. You are awesome! And yes calls over texts anytime! :)


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