Hot Pink TIFF Party Dress



TIFF parties have been rampant, and I've gone to my fair share. Wish I could've shared all the outfits with you, but sometimes the day just got overwhelming.

Like this day. The day was packed, and my outfit choice for the evening had to be based on "What will still look good after being smushed in the bottom of a bag all day?" So that's the big grandiose thought process behind this look.

I shot a conference all day, quickly changed in the bathroom, ran to a film premiere, then off I went to the party afterwards.  Thank goodness for the trunk of a car which held all my clothes as they came flying on and off.

True, I could've passed on something. But when given the choice of spending an evening with good friends or not, I will do everything I can to make it happen.

Despite the crazy day, I managed to grab these shots in the underground parking lot - after just having changed out of work wear.

Moral of the story? A great stretchy dress rolled up in the bottom of a bag still looks pretty okay for a party at night.



Dress - UO  //  Shoes - Aldo  //  Clutch - H&M

7 thoughts:

  1. Referencing from one of your past posts....
    "Sexy. That's always been a hard one for me. I'll admit it. I had this idea of what a sexy woman was, and frankly, I imagined it as far removed from me as the sun is from veeeeery far."
    ## I call BS on this! If this post isn't sexy, you MUST NOT know what sexy is! This look is what's called 'smoking hot' in the real world ... like Mercury to the Sun. Please embrace it at this time and know what you are ... and provide more posts like this. :)

    Much love from the USA!

    1. Hahaha, fair enough. I guess what I mean is that it is not a word that pops into my top three descriptions of myself and wouldn't come into my head if I was to describe myself. Again, perceptions of self are what they are right?

      But thank you for the love, and thank you for the positivity in your comment.
      Much love,

  2. Part II: The fact that you think you are not sexy only makes you sexier.

    - Thanks for hearing me out!

    1. Haha, well then okay. Yeah I'm definitely more awkward and nerdy...sarcastic, introspective, smart, opinionated, ambitious.....don't often put 'sexy' in there. I leave that for the other fabulous ladies in my life who are smokin'!!

    2. Maybe sexy isn't just in a 'look', 'attitude' or a hot pair of shoes from DSW at a bargain. Perhaps sexy is awkward, nerdy, sarcastic, introspective, smart, opinionated, ambitious and the look you are obtaining from a dress that came smushed from the bottom of a bag.

      You're giving in to my compliments/information. Yeaaa! Progress. :)

  3. Truly fabulous outfit, I love your dress. You look lovely, thanks for sharing!!!



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