Honest Straight Shooter



I don't like it when I think too much about others expectations of me.
It's a trap! *and I said that like in Star Wars, by the way*
But you know, sometimes I fall into it as well. I become a little too preoccupied with playing the game, or behaving how others expect  me too. And then I get frustrated and grumpy.

It takes a while, but usually I figure out why this is. Then I have to right the train.
Now I'm not talking major things here. Just little things. But still, they add up.

It's usually a matter of a few honest conversations - no biggie. Nothing earth shattering, or life changing, just a matter of, "Hey, this is where I'm at and this is what I think."

Because to be fair. I'm a straight shooter. Mostly because I have neither the energy, nor the inclination, to be anything but.

Anything else feels inauthentic.




Dress - Spell Designs  //  Jacket - F21  //  Necklace - gift from Poland  //  Boots - thrifted

4 thoughts:

  1. Such lovely dress, beautiful colors too, I love it, thank you for sharing, you look very pretty!!!



    1. Thank you. It's a fantastic dress and I love the bold red.

  2. Replies
    1. Good. I like it that way from others too. Keeps things simple.


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