It was a friend's birthday party. A party where you're supposed to bring an appetizer to share with everyone. She messaged me the week before and asked if instead of bringing an appetizer, I would make her birthday playlist. She had been to the dance parties I hosted with my curated list, and she asked if I would create an upbeat list with some of her favorite indie rock mixed in.

You know when you really enjoy doing something, and spend lots of time thinking about it and getting it right, and then some people start to say that you do a good job at that thing? Yeah, this was an instance of that. And it felt great! I was so pleased to create the soundtrack to her evening. And so pleased that people enjoy both that and the dance mixes I make. Warms my heart to be appreciated.

Much love.



Dress & Necklace - ThreadSence  //  Hat - I forget  //  Boots - ShopSosie

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