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I've recently been going down the best rabbit hole ever. And I do mean that. I've been spending time on Lyst. It's seriously like a fashionista's online Mecca. You create an account and answer a whole bunch of questions about which designers you like and don't like, then your own private boutique is curated for you. Basically, Lyst scours a whole ton of online shops and puts them all in one place. Imagine, instead of tons and tons of boutiques spread across they're all in one place - like a mall - but so much more awesome because no one steps on your toes.

Of course you can totally shop everything else, but it just selects the designers you like for an appetizer, shall we say. And oh dear, is this dangerous. The first time I think I spent like three hours browsing everything.  It is addictive.

Because then you can Lyst things - meaning create a wants/love wishlist of your own, and if those items go on sale you get a notification. For a girl who only shops sales, like myself, it's perfect.

But what I'm really enjoying above and beyond all this, are the e-newsletters I receive. There's always fun articles and ideas and interesting education pieces about social media or fashion.  I often find myself intrigued by the articles they have, and spend just as much time reading on the site, as I do shopping. I love that it's so much more than a shop, you know?




Anyway, I said I spent a lot of time on the site, and man was I loving so many things. I'm actually going back there to make my Christmas/Birthday wishlist to spend my present money on later in December. But first, I've been dreaming of a jacket like this one forever - and of course I could easily search their site and find this absolutely perfect one.  Can we just stop for a moment and squeal 'FRIIIIIINGE' at the top of our lungs? Please? Thank you.

There was this moment when I opened the package, it's like I met my sartorial soulmate. We just get each other, you know?  The jacket, she understands me and sings soothing lullabies to me *okay, I'm not actually hallucinating my jacket singing to me - it's a hyperbole for dramatic effect*

And this dress, okay we're not soulmates, 'cause right now I'm smitten with the jacket, but we're very much in love. I loved that Lyst has things in every single budget - from haute couture, to hot but much more affordable. I found this dress by just quickly narrowing the search parameters in terms of price and size *but when I say quickly, I mean not so much - they have a lot of great pieces and I found like thirty things I would love to have*

I have to say, Lyst is pretty freakin' cool. I can definitely get behind all their fun articles....and of course the pretty pretty things.



ASOS Jacket & Spell Dress - c/o Lyst  //  Hat - Threadsence  // Boots - Aldo  //  Socks - Free People  // Necklace - Gypsy Love Store  // Rings - F21 and Etsy

*This post has been brought to you in collaboration with Lyst. 
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