You Don't Have To Go Anywhere


"The world is full of things that are tragic or comic, heroic or bizarre or surprising, and those who fail to be interested in the spectacle that it offers are forgoing one of the privileges life has to offer."
 - Bertrand Russell.

You don't have to travel far and wide to experience the beauty, horror, wonder, tragedy, and millions of other things life has to offer. It's all right here. In the eyes of lovers, and friends. Or people you thought you knew, but didn't really. If you explore someones story you will find all sorts of magic, pain, and wonder.

You don't have to go halfway across the world to feel joy, sadness, anger, or the glory of being alive. You can find that in life's journey. In the arms of someone who cares for you, or the pain as they walk away.

You don't have to go anywhere to experience life. And if you can't experience it here, I don't think you'll find it anywhere else either. Chasing the eternal elusive.





Jacket - c/o Lyst  //  Shirt - Zara  // Jeans - Dittos via UO  // Boots - DIYed  // Scarf - Honey Bea Design  //  Necklace - Reitmans  //  Sunnies - UO  // Ring - Fair Trade artisan.

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