Dress 14: What's Black, White and Gray All Over?


Dress - H&M; Sweater - Aritzia; Belt - ?; Leggings - Forever XXI

Today is Thursday, which means that today I got together with some of the mom's that I know...which means that today we complained about being moms.  No seriously, I love getting together with these ladies.  They're all very funny, and very easygoing, and it's necessary to have someone to talk about all these things with.  I love my girlfriends, but since they don't have kids they don't quite get it.  These women do.  So it always revitalizes me to chat with them.  Plus, I love the excuse to have a coffee and a big cookie!

I bought this dress originally in brown and white polka dots, but I loved it so much I went back and bought it in black and white too.  *Confession - I bought it as a Maternity dress too because the empire waist and a-line gave me room to expand...and expand I did*  It was so cheap and so cute and comfy I couldn't resist having it in two colors.  I was even tempted to get it in red and white, but I thought that would be going overboard.  It's a summer dress, and it's one that I thought I could only wear in the summer, but paired with a shirt and tights underneath and a chunky sweater on top, I think it totally works for the winter too. Trash, stash, or save?

Stay tuned for the brown and white one.

Good night all.  It's date night - movie, hot apple cider, berries...and hopefully a foot massage from Husband.

See you all tomorrow!

2 thoughts:

  1. SAVE! (Unless you want to give it to me...just kidding) That's a beautiful dress and classic! It will never go out of style and never stop being wearable.

  2. Good point. It is timeless, so yeah, I'll keep it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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