Dress 7: Cashmere and Robots


The raw image of the dress
Dress - Thrifted; Cardigan - Gap; Belt - borrowed from Mom; Leggings - Forever XXI
Okay, so I'm really sick everyone.  Bad cold, and I wish I could just curl up on the couch and watch tv all day.  But that's another one of those little "luxuries" that dissappear once you have kids.  So, I've been dragging my butt around the house doing stuff all day and I feel Poo-ey.  And to add insult to injury, Baby has my cold of course.  Good times!  So today I'm in trashy jeans and, yes I know, my Lulu hoodie.  But have no fear.  I have prepared for just such situations!  I wore this dress earlier, and didn't post it because there was already so much to blog about.  So I thought I'd save it just in case (and yes I have a couple more up my sleeve).  So here it is...something to keep you busy while I try to kick this cold's bum!

This picture was taken upstairs in my Mom's house - it's just too darn cold outside.  This dress was a bargain find, and no I don't remember where exactly.  But it's a cashmere blend which means that yes, it's incredibly soft.  Though I like fashion, I'm not a total slave to it - comfort is essential to me.  And this dress is all that.  I'm not too crazy about the retro pattern on it lately, but it's just enough interest when covered with a nice cardigan.  My hair's a mess in this pic, I just hadn't had time to do it.  The most I managed is to wash it - sorry but that's what it's like to be a Mama.

I'll always be on time and in the right place!
This is the pendant that I wore with it - for all of 5 minutes.  I quickly realized that with Baby there is no possibility to wear a long necklace, unless I mean it to be a toy for her.  So off it went, back into the jewelry case, for now.  But I thought you'd at least like to see it.  The nerd in me does a little cartwheel when I see this necklace.  It's a compass, a watch, and a robot!!!  Every geek's dream. I'm waiting for it's eyes to glow red and say, "By your comand." (That's a Battlestar Galactica reference by the way).  Speaking of BSG - can I please be reborn as Tricia Helfer in another life?

So what do you think?  Trash, stash, or save?  I'm leaning towards trash, but I need your help to decide.

6 thoughts:

  1. This looks super cute with the cardigan...but if you don't love it on its own, it's probably best to send it to the donate pile. Especially with all those other dresses to choose from!

    I totally love love love your necklace. I would be happy to babysit it until your little one will let you wear it in peace! :)


  2. Thanks Stephanie. Yeah, I don't think I'm a fan of it by itself. And that's kind of the point of this whole challenge - to discover what I really like (and hopefully why) and make better choices from now on.

    I love the necklace too. I always think in terms of fantasy - and if the world ended while I was wearing it (or I got kidnapped) I'd have a clock AND a compass!

  3. I agree, if your going to cover it up trash it because you have so many others that you love. However, I have to say I think the pattern is great. LOVE the neckless.

  4. I like the pattern too, it's what attracted me in the first place...but I don't know. I'm torn, you know? But that's how I am with any article of clothing.

  5. Love the necklace, dress is not my fav. You do wear it well though.

  6. Actually, my mom nabbed the dress. She likes the pattern and I was ready to let it go.


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