Dress 27: Don't Let The Sunshine In These Photos Fool You


I managed to wear a neckalce around Baby for a total of three hours!!
Cardigan - H&M; Shirt - Smart Set; Dress - Esprit; Leggings - F21; Socks - MacGregor; Boots - somewhere in NYC; Necklace - from the Dominican Republic.
First off, thank you to everyone who emailed me or commented with their suggestions on how to resist temptation.  You've all certainly given me quite a few great ideas.  Hopefully, they'll get me through the next 322 days.

Second, I've styled this dress before but what I like about it is that it's so easy to style in a variety of different ways.  I think a good denim dress is one of those staples of a wardrobe, you know?  So trash, stash, or save?  I'm thinkin' save.  You?

And I know you've all seen these boots for the past few days, but let me explain something.  It's winter in Toronto, after a big snowstorm and it's -23 outside.  This means that there are dangerous patches of ice on the sidewalk (means no heels), lots of slush from the salt (means no suede/fabric), and of course the aforementioned salt (means leave your favorite shoes at home if you want them to last more than a couple of months).  So, I've been wearing my cheapy boots.  And yes, I could wear cheapy shoes, but did I mention that it's -23 outside?  Every bit of extra coverage helps!

Random Happening: Husband was convinced that Baby said his name today...it eas really just coincidental babbling...ssshh, don't tell him that.

3 thoughts:

  1. I love this dress, it's so chic and simple. I can see how versatile it must be! You styled it so great with the striped socks, too. And cheap shoes are the best, they can end up being awesome, and if you get sick of them you don't feel bad getting rid of them. I don't think I've ever spent more than, like, thirty five bucks on a pair of shoes in my life.


  2. Thanks Stephanie! I must say that I di spend money on shoes. I've had foot problems and comfort whether cheap or expensive is key for me.


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