Dress 43: The Big Question...I Need Your Help!


Jacket - Jacob; Shirt - F21; Dress - H&M; Tights - Hue; Loafers - AE
No you're not having deja vu, you've seen a similar dress before here.  But I told you then that I loved this dress so much I bought it in two colors.  So here's the second color.  I am absolutely bonkers about the brown and gray combo.  There's something refined, but oh so easy about it that I can't resist.  Trash, stash, or save?  I'm thinking since I loved it enough to buy two of them, that it's a save.  That one was easy right?

But on to more important things...

Here's what I need your help with right now.  It's super important...yes, more important than the people starving in the Sudan.  Okay, maybe not more important but a close second.  *yes, I'm being cheeky*  Should I keep my bangs, or grow them out?

The shot on the left is a much older pic, but it give you an idea.
Husband and another person have told me to grow them out.  Husband specifically liked me more without bangs.  Another person said she liked me more with bangs.  So I'm confused.  I need help deciding and I'd appreciate some honest, non-biased opinions.  Thanks so much!

6 thoughts:

  1. You look good both ways, but I'd say grow them out. Then when you want a change again (maybe in a few months) cut them again! Hee hee. That's what I always do :)


  2. I think you should grow your bangs to about mid-cheek...so they're long-ish. This gives you the flexibility to have them hang down or come up if you put your hair up. I've also started doing something that I haven't done in about 25 yrs..*drumroll* Wearing a hair clip! My 2 yr old has a hundred of them, of course about 90 of them are lost, so I started to put the few remaining ones in my own hair so if she ever needed one, I would always have one handy. They actually look quite cute on me. I think they'd look cute on you too.

  3. Yeah, see I'd have layers for sure that started at mid-cheek at least. So, it's not like I'd have nothing. I still don't know. I'm so indecisive!

  4. I was rooting for the bangs, and then saw the recent outfit photo (where you pinned them up). Definitely grow them out! You can always cut them again when you feel like a change.

  5. Thanks, that's a clear vote. I appreciate it. I think I'm going to grow them out and go for layers.


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