Dress 73: Accessories


Cardi - F21; Dress - Ruche; Leggings - F21
You can't see in this shot, but I'm wearing earrings!  This is a big deal since Baby never lets me wear any kind of accessory - whether earring, ring, necklace, or bracelet.  But yesterday I discovered that she doesn't really care about little tiny earrings, so that's what I'm wearing.  Oh and I'm also wearing a new Mom's neccessary accessory *I like the little ryhme there*  , the hair elastic worn as a bracelet.  You need to be able to throw your hair up at any second. 

But let me show you my - and any new parent's - absolute favorite accessory:
The Coffee Maker (A.K.A.Mom's (or Dad's) Best Friend).

3 thoughts:

  1. you are too cute and i love your dress challenge! motherhood and fashion really can go hand in hand,who woulda thought, huh? ;)

  2. Oooh, I love the lace of this top! And also your candid silly expression, you look really really happy.

    1. Thanks! I was really really happy to get my coffee that morning. For sure!


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