Maverick and Iceman


These are the sunglasses that had Husband referencing Top Gun.
Cardi - F21; Shirt - Puella; Jeans - Guess; Belt - thrifted; Shoes - AE

Husband called me Maverick and this little punk Iceman.
When I finally got dressed  *which wasn't until after lunch because I wanted to run and it took that long to squish it into my day* I knew I should wear a dress to continue the challenge, but the truth is that I didn't feel like it at all.  Also, I had rehearsal at my house for a web series I'm in at my house and I just didn't feel that a vintage-esque dress would help me get into the mood I wanted.  Fashion is all about mood, and I wanted to be relaxed and neutral so that I could transition into whatever atmosphere I wanted to.

So, during my run, I balled my eyes out.  Seriously, I was full out wailing on the treadmill and during my stretches.  I was watching Criminal Minds, and it was an episode about a mother who has a psychotic break on the anniversary of her baby son's death.  And I was balling, because I can totally see that being me.  Not the killing people part, but the complete breakdown part.  I can't even imagine having to go through something like that.  And I truly hope that I never have to.  I'm not sure I'd be strong enough.

What's your worst nightmare?

On a different note, I re-watched an episode of Community today...still as good as the first time.

3 thoughts:

  1. Assess, that episode of criminal minds destroyed me too! Love that show though! And love a fashionable mom!

  2. That was not supposed to say assess, but awwwwwwww, silly iPad autocorrect!

  3. Thanks for clearing that up :) Isn't the show amazing? I'm liking Suspect Behavior too.


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