Hot Town, Summer In The City


Hat - Ruche; Glasses - F21; Dress - Ruche; Shoes - Payless.
 It's 49 here in Toronto.  We're supposed to be at the tail end of a heat wave, and tomorrow the weather's supposed to drop down ten degrees.  Supposed to.  Early this morning the whole fam went for a walk, and since then we've dunked Baby in her pool and hung out in the master bedroom *the only place with an AC*
That's where Baby has been sleeping too.

But I must say this dress is perfect for the heat.  The material feels heavy, but because it's cotton and linen the whole thing breathes.  Ahhhhh....  And a wide brim hat and big sunglasses are my summer essentials!  that and SPF 60.

True Story:
Baby took a dump today in her pool.  
Yes, yes she did.

2 thoughts:

  1. 30 w/ the humidity is the highest we've had here all summer....i can't imagine how sweltering it must be in TO right now!!

    keep cool mama!

  2. We survived...somehow! And today it's only 38. Only.


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