Iced Tea!


Shirt - Soundgirl ; Skirt - H&M; Sandals - Winners.
Can you believe it's this hot?!?!?  45 degrees!  I'm melting.  But on the plus side, I'm reeeeally enjoying iced teas!  I've been drinking all kinds and they all taste so delicious!  But I'm going through my ice faster than I can make it.  Which is not a good thing.

I have to say I had an amazing shoot yesterday with a talented photographer - dANIEL gARCIA.   We shot outside on the beach and I was in tall wildflowers, up a cliff *in heels no less* and on the beach.  So much fun!  Can't wait to share the shots with you.

But back to the heat wave, how do you stay cool when it's hot?

Quote of the Day: 
"You'll eat goose poo, but you won't eat an organic cracker."

2 thoughts:

  1. 45 degrees???!!! Is it a one day off weird weather, or summer is like that over your place?
    I live in the tropics, so we get summer of about 32 deg everyday. While it looks great to many, trust me, when you face that everyday, you won't think it's so fun.
    To stay cool, we wear light clothing all the time. Turn on fans all day, or stay in air con malls. Local students like to hang around places like MacDonalds or Starbucks to study. We have lots of 24 hours MacDonalds here:)). But really, I have no idea how to beat that 45 deg heat!!

  2. We're in the middle of a heat wave. And today it's going to be 48. Crazy!


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