I Apologize In Advance For My Language


Glasses - F21; Dress -street stand in Lagos, Portugal; Sandals - Abercrombie &Fitch.

This is one of my favorite dresses.  And can you believe I bought it for $5 in Lagos at a street stand.  Just goes to show that your favorite things might be the cheapest!  The colors are so sunny and they make me happy! And how wonderful to have a Love Story feature on the Ruche blog!  Go on, read it.  I dare you.  And if you like the photos, get Stacy Kinkaid to shoot your special moments...if you're in and around Toronto that is. She's so talented and just a complete pleasure to work with.

But alas, that's where my happiness ends today...

Commence rant.
I nearly lost my dog.  And when I say lost I mean he was nearly killed. Yes, that adorable black fur ball was nearly killed. Why? Because of stupid dog owners!  A man had his huge German Sheperd off leash in a children's playground - where it's illegal to do so by the way - and the huge beast ran at my dog.  He came up and sniffed him, then bared his fangs and pounced on Drake.  Thank goodness my little guy is quick 'cause otherwise that thing would've got his neck.  I immediately put myself between the two and picked up Drake.  And the beast continued to try to attack him in my arms!  I half turned so that Drake was away from him - and my body was between the beast and Baby in her stroller, and shouted "No!" authoritatively at the monster.  It was shocked enough to pause, and that's when the owner ran up, "He never does this."  Clearly, you're wrong because he just did.  Dog owners keep your #%@$@ dog on leash!  Especially where it's illegal to take them off leash!  Especially around little kids!  Especially if you can't control your own dog!  It's one things for me to let Drake off leash - he's barely 10lbs soaking wet.  If he charges, one swipe of a foot and he's out of commission.  But a huge bag of muscle like a German Sheperd is another story.  I was terrified.  And not just for Drake, but for Baby and for myself.  Who knows what could've got into that brain?? So I reiterate, keep your #@%#$! dog on leash!!
End rant.
  *Pardon my language, but I didn't stop shaking for an hour and poor Drake peed himself and didn't stop shaking for two hours*

Quote of Today:
"This car is like a two year old.  It's really annoying most of the time, but if someone tried to take it away from you, you'd kill them."

3 thoughts:

  1. So sorry to hear about this incident on the dogs. Totally agree with the leash on big dogs rule. In Singapore, certain breeds must also put on muzzles while out, but their dumb owners don't, claiming their dogs never attack others. Well, how do they know what may trigger their dogs??

    Is baby affected by this too?

  2. She was shocked, but fine. I'm not sure she realized what was going on. That's probably for the best.

  3. Glad your dog didn't become victim to the German Shepard.

    I read your cute story on the Rushe blog and had to come over and check out your blog.

    You have a very fun and creative one I see!


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