Tuesday In Review: David's Tea


Okay, so far I've been reviewing only things I really like.  And I know I should review things I don't as well, but right now I have a plethora of things I enjoy and I'd rather share those with you first.

Disclaimer:  I'm a huge tea aficionado!  I looooove tea. 

I'd love to review all of David's Teas, but well I don't own them all, nor do I have the resources to own them all.  So hey David's Tea, if you're reading this and you'd like me to review your teas one by one or in groups send me a packet and I'd love to do so.   Now with that shameless self promotion aside, let's get to it shall we?

David's Tea in general:  A hip, urban loose leaf tea shop.  It's clean, bright, filled with knowledgeable young staff and provides a simple but good product.  By simple, I mean it provides just tea and tea accessories.  It's a specialty shop, but with a Starbucks kind of feel.  There are several specialty tea shops in my neighborhood *I know, where do I live right?*  but I always go here.

I go here because for several reasons.  First, the place is very bright and clean with large windows, and provides plenty of space for customers to mill around *especially helpful when you have a stroller* Some other specialty places look dark, or are small and unfortunately I can not enter with a stroller occupied by a curious mind and two busy hands that will take that beautiful teapot and smash it on the ground given the opportunity.

Second, they have great deals and selection.  I bought this tumbler because it comes with an amazing incentive.  You buy it and get your first tea free, then every time you come back with it you get your choice of their on tap teas for only $1.  So really, it pays for itself in three visits - not counting the first one where you bought it.  Companies really underestimate the value of incentives, and that's another reason the other shops are bypassed - they offer no incentive to come in.  

And lastly, customer service.  I had a service issue *won't go into detail*  and when I voiced my dissatisfaction I was taken seriously and offered a customer appreciation.  That's important.  I want to go to a company that really cares about it's reputation and customer base.

This would really all be for naught if the product was shoddy.  But it's not.  The tea is always of great quality and whatever you get, it's very flavorful.  I'm not a fan of every tea, but I can't deny that each one has a distinct aroma and flavor.  And that's why, despite the slightly hipster rep of David's Tea *which I'm not a huge fan of*, I'll continue to go there and enjoy their tea.

2 thoughts:

  1. Do they have an online store that ship overseas? I am a tea lover too, influence by the too many British story books I've read. Mmmm, I would love to have a nice cup of Earl grey tea, with some scones and jam.....

  2. Hi! yes they have a website. I should've posted that!


    And they don't ship internationally as part of their policy, but if you go to the shipping info they do state that they will work something out with you to get you your order. So I think they will actually ship to you.

    It's soooo good!


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