The Single Child Phenomenon


Dress - bought in London, England for $5!; Shoes - Zellers (on him - I don't know, probably Value Village).
I wore this happy dress on the last day of my anniversary trip.  It's such an easy dress to throw on 'cause the silhouette is so classic and flattering and the print is just so joyous.  I'm a big fan of happy prints.  They can just brighten your day like nothing else. 

On our anniversary we were reflecting on the last seven years, and the changes and choices we've made.  And once again we checked in with each other about our decision to have one child.  We periodically check in just to make sure we're still on the same page.  And a lot of relatives and friends chide us for that decision.  They're strongest and most common argument is that Baby needs a sibling and playmate.  To me that's not a valid reason because I don't want to reason for another human beings existence to be as a "sibling and playmate" for another human being.  And since we're not drawn or moved to have another I don't see why we should. 

On that note, I was recently reading in the September issue of Marie Claire that only children "tend to work faster and have better vocabularies; they develop a confidence and self-contained quality."  And further they get plenty of socialization from friends, activities and school.   No longer is being an only child a hindrance as others thought.  And you know what?  I have siblings, but my soul sister is my best friend.

And when it comes to sibling rivalry - Drake the Dog constantly steals her toys causing tumultuous temper tantrums.  Trust me.  I've been privy to many such displays.

Quote of Today:
"I have Jane's sports shirt too" - Firefly reference.

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  1. I am an only child and I have to agree I grew up knowing how to entertain myself. I am more self reliant then most people I know. And honestly I didn't mind being an only child it comes with Alot of benefits. :)

  2. I'm glad you and your husband know what you want and are able to communicate it well! I really want a child, and I wouldn't mind just having one! I really want three through, and so does my husband so it works out well. We don't want more then one to have "a playmate". We just feel like having three would suit us and our dreams. It's nice to see a picture of your husband on your blog. I don't know what he looks like most the time. (is that my inner gossip speaking, wanting to know All About You? Well, yes, yes it is :P) You both look so cute.

    I'd also like to say that reading your older posts has helped me see how MUCH your photography has grown. You have perfected the art of the fashion photo. (at least, I think so) Your photos are always fun, but you've gotten so much better at posing and knowing just how to angle the camera. I can see the difference.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, that was another aspect of the blog for me. To experiment and grow in photography as well.


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