Giddy As A Schoolgirl


I wore this jacket in the cooler morning weather.

If you dropped by my house, you'd find me wearing this fun apron over my daily outfit.

Shirt - thrifted; Dress - Ruche; Shoes - Payless.

 Okay, so I actually didn't get dressed yesterday.  I threw jeans on to go to the park with Baby, but I didn't actually put on any kind of decent clothing.  Mostly, it was pajamas for me.   I did however get dressed today.

It's so beautiful outside that it hardly feels like fall.  *which it technically isn't until Friday*  I know that Fall is associated with darker, deeper colors and I'm all for seasonal dressing. But I also enjoy wearing bright, happy colors year round.  I don't really follow rules that way.  I'll wear white after labour day, black with brown and navy, and I'll wear a sundress in the middle of winter *though I'll layer it with tights, tops and sweaters - often turning it into a skirt*  So despite it being fall, I didn't in the least mind throwing on this pretty summer dress.  I love the twirl quotient of this dress.  It always makes me giddy as a schoolgirl.

And I can never resist jumping in it.  *as seen here*

True Story:
 At play group today, one of the moms went off to breast feed her daughter.  
Her 20 month old daughter.  
To me, it felt a little old to still be breastfeeding with such regularity. 
Thoughts?  When is a child too old to breastfeed to in your opinion? 

6 thoughts:

  1. i also know someone who is bf'ing her 22 month old.

    to each their own but i can't imagine doing it that long...i stopped at six months.

    i'm having a hard time to decide when to take avery off the bottle though, are you still bottle feeding?

  2. I stopped at a year. She basically weaned herself off. I got sent clear signals that she was done. She gets a little organic cows milk from the bottle in the morning and then a bottle of same milk in the evening. But other than then she just eats everything that we do. I figure they'll come off the bottle when they're ready.

    No rush.

  3. Children stop nursing when they do. I've nursed 4 and they all stopped at different times. 14 months, 16 months, 18 months, and 25 months. But most of the time (past the 16 month mark) it was only two feedings once in the am and once before bed.

  4. @DavisMade - that's what I thought. I thought once they're older they have on maybe a morning and night. That's what I found odd, I think, that it seemed to still be throughout the day.

  5. this is such a sweet dress :) you look like an innocent schoolgirl :P


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